Hello StartupCraters,

Well folks, it looks like we're going to have to take a page from the NASL and pull a last minute time change on you.  It turns out that the IGN Pro League 2 Finals is on the 13th of August, so understandably the IGN offices will be a little bit busy that day. The new date for StartupCraft III will be September 3rd.  Registration has also been extended to the 12th of August.  

Our apologies for the confusion.  All the casters will still be there - this just gives you that much more time to practice those builds!  

We also have a full lineup of awesome prizes and giveaways that we'll be announcing here soon, so stay tuned.  

- The StartupCraft Crew

Startupcraft is sponsored by Exec House Cleaning Boston.
Greetings StartupCrafters!

StartupCraft III is officially on the books!  Mark August 13th on your calendar and head over to registration ASAP to sign-up.  IGN once again has graciously offered up their offices for what will surely be the biggest StartupCraft yet!

Matches will be livecasted by Painuser, Fishstix, CatsPajamas and TheGunrun, among others.  We will also have food, drinks, and plenty of giveaways/prizes, so be sure to stay tuned for updates.

The format for this tournament will be the same as last - one 1v1 bracket and one 2v2 bracket.  Please keep in mind that for StartupCraft III, both members of the 2v2 squad must work for the same company. Also, both brackets will have some preliminary rounds played online prior to the event, so please take that into consideration when signing up. Registration will be open until July 22nd.

All proceeds from StartupCraft III will support TACA (www.tacanow.org).

-The StartupCraft Crew

Thanks again for coming out and making StartupCraft II a huge success. We had 47,000 uniques tune in to watch the stream on Justin.tv, hitting 4,830 concurrent viewers at one point, for a total of 127,000 views of startup-on-startup SC2 action. And of course, 55 companies stepped up to test their Starcraft 2 mettle on the battlefield. 

Congratulations go out to our champions, who took home some sweet AstroGaming A30 headsets:
1v1: Mantra of Palantir 
2v2: epeezy and dambae of Playmesh  (who went undefeated the entire event)

And of course a shout out to our runners-up:
1v1: oTLRoboTeddy of Graffiti
2v2: Saucymew and fminor of DocSpot

For those of you who haven't donated yet, we'll be sending out a donation link shortly. Please do donate whatever you can as it goes to support a charity we support strongly: Child's Play Charity, which distributes toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in children’s hospitals across North America and the rest of the world. Remember - IGN, who generously offered their space and hospitality for StartupCraft II, will be matching donations up to $3,000, so please open up those wallets and support Child's Play. Thanks to all of you who have already donated!

Also, if you have any replays that you think are cast worthy, please send them over to us at staff@startupcraftsf.com. Photos from the event can also be sent there - we'll post them all up on the startupcraftsf.com site. 

Finally, please show your support for us, IGN, AstroGaming, and Child's Play Charity by liking us on facebook: 
StartupCraft: http://www.facebook.com/pages/StartupCraft/196697683688905
AstroGaming: http://www.facebook.com/astrogaming
IGN: http://www.facebook.com/ign
Child's Play Charity: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2218539020

Thanks again for coming out and stay tuned for an announcement about StartupCraft III ^_^!


Our apologies for not updating everyone earlier. We have officially locked down a date for StartupCraft II - February 26th, 2011!

While we'll miss being uncomfortably close to our fellow gamers in our beautiful SoMa loft space, we're happy to announce that the good folks at IGN have offered up their more than ample space for StartupCraft II. On top of this, IGN has once again generously offered to match all donations to Child's Play Charity during the event!

This time around, we'll be hosting a 1v1 bracket and 2v2 bracket only. There will be a limit of one team per company in each bracket, and the 1v1 bracket will have some preliminary rounds played online prior to the event, so please take that into consideration when signing up. Registration here.

So, mark your calendars, work on those APMs, and stay tuned for updates. 
-The StartupCraft Crew
We wanted to make Startupcraft an even more fun and useful event for the tech community here in SF, so we scoured the Terran Dominion to find speakers from the Startup universe. Speakers will go on 2pm in the afternoon Saturday. Read on below:

Drew Houston
CEO, Dropbox
How Startups are like Starcraft

Drew graduated from MIT and wrote the first lines of code for Dropbox while at a train station in Boston. These days he's usually out and about running Dropbox's business affairs, but he still contributes a lot to Dropbox's client software. In the little free time he has, Drew can be found jamming on his guitar.

Michael Seibel
CEO, Justin.tv
The Five Rules of Starcraft / Startup Warfare

Michael Seibel is the co-founder and CEO of Justin.tv. His responsibilities include overseeing all operations for the company as well as corporate vision, strategy, fundraising, legal, investor relations, corp dev and biz dev.  During Michael’s tenure as CEO, Justin.tv has grown to be the largest live video site on the Web, and now boasts more than 38 million viewers each month. Before joining Justin.tv, Michael was the Finance Director for Kweisi Mfume’s U.S. Senate campaign. In addition to leading all fundraising activities for the former president of the NAACP, Michael organized and hosted major events across the country, and coordinated print and online fundraising efforts. Michael joined the campaign in 2005 and was promoted to Finance Director in less than six months.

Walter Chen
Co-founder, Leasely
On Startups and Getting into Starcraft II's Diamond League

Walter is co-founder of Leasely, which is making the lease application, signing and renewal process happen online.  He previously practiced law in New York City.  The first website Walter built (not counting his Geocities site) was the Poodoosite, a Starcraft parody site taking its name from the Huttese word for "fodder."  Walter represents for the human race by exclusively playing Terran. 

Startupcrafters: This is your lucky day.

Alienware has graciously loaned us eight Aurora ALX gaming rigs for use in the tournament, so some of you will get to experience the RAW power of Starcraft on "Ultra," just like the pros. You'll see more details in your zergling army than you ever wanted to.

For some of you, it may be a difficult adjustment.

Here we are setting up for the competition:
Salutations StartupCrafters,

When we decided to plan a Starcraft 2 tournament for start-ups, our intention was to have a great time with great people while raising money for one of our favorite charities, Child's Play. Child's Play helps children in over 60 hospitals worldwide by bringing them the joy of video games, toys, and movies.

The response to the event has been pleasantly overwhelming - over 200 people applied to play, and many more are coming just to spectate and support their companies. Most importantly, this means the donation potential is huge! 

Today we received some fantastic news. IGN Entertainment has offered a matching donation up to $3,000 to whatever we raise during StartupCraft on October 2nd! So, we ask you, good citizens of StartupCraft, to open your hearts, wallets and checkbooks and fill that donation box on October 2nd! Think of the children, and remember that the suggested donation is $50 per team! 

Thanks again to IGN for their generosity and support. 
The StartupCraft Crew


Salutations Startupcrafters,

We are super excited that Startupcraft is less than 2 weeks away. Startupcraft will begin at 11am October 2. Awards ceremony will be held after competitive play completes, which is planned to be around 7pm.

Here is the schedule of events for the day:

11:00 AM - first half of 4v4 first round
11:30 AM - second half of 4v4 first round
12:00 PM - 4v4 quarter finals
1:00 PM - Lunch, 2v2 Beginner first round
1:30 PM - 2v2 Expert first round
2:30 PM - 2v2 Beginner quarter finals
3:00 PM - 2v2 Expert quarter finals
3:30 PM - 4v4 semi finals
4:00 PM - 2v2 Beginner semi finals
4:30 PM - 2v2 Expert semi finals, Bar opens
5:00 PM - Costume contest!
5:30 PM - 4v4 finals
6:00 PM - 2v2 Beginner finals
6:30 PM - 2v2 Expert finals
7:00 PM - Awards ceremony, dinner

Get excited and get ready to compete; we've created the Startupcraft bracket. The tournament brackets can be found online here: http://startupcraftsf.com/brackets.html

If your team made one of the brackets, please show up for play at least 15 minutes before your first match is supposed to start. See below for first round start times:

11:00 AM - First half of 4v4 first round (Yammer, Earthmine, Smule, Disqus, Flickr, Wolfire, Justin.tv, WePay)
11:30 AM - Second half of 4v4 first round (Theranos, Homerun, Skyara, box.net, Fwix, Raptr, IGN, Curse)
1:00 PM - Beginner first round
1:30 PM - Expert first round

If you can't make Startupcraft any longer, please let us know, as there are teams on the wait list that want to play. 
Teams that are a no show or drop out before hand will be replaced by wait list teams that show up for the first round start, so teams on the wait list -- don't give up hope! Also, remember to bring your computer, especially if you want to play matches outside official tournament play.

We believe in all of you,

Justin Kan
Startupcraft Head Probe

Kevin Lin
Less than two weeks until the tournament, and we'll be making some major announcements in the days to come. Follow us on our new twitter account to make sure you don't miss anything!
Want to make a difference at the Bay Area's biggest Starcraft tournament for technology companies? We are looking for some volunteers to help with tournament directing, setup, and organization. 

Volunteers will get our undying appreciation and love, as well as an awesome and collectible STARTUPCRAFT STAFF t shirt. Please email kevin at justin.tv if you are interested!